Malvern Hills MMOC

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25th July 2021 Burford House, Tenbury Wells
The committee or Malvern Hills Branch or the Morris Minors Owners Club would like to thank the following for their help in the organisation of this years rally.
Class First Second
MM/Series 2 Mark Burton Graham Ryder
2 Door Saloon Edward Redmond Michael Rochelle
4 Door Saloon Stephen Smith Adrian Banner
Traveller Doug Prothero Jeremy Swift
Custom/Modified Rodger Williamson Rodger Payne
Covertible Steve Thomas Jonathan Swift
Commercial Meirion Woolf Peter Turner
Open Alan Grimley Alan Tipton
Best in show This went to Alan Grimley, 1928 Morris Oxford Empire
Furthest travelled to Rally Peter Turner
Rally Photographs from Dave Bennett
IMG_0044.jpg (163K) IMG_0031.jpg (166K) IMG_0030.jpg (156K)
IMG_0029.jpg (158K) IMG_0028.jpg (158K) IMG_0027.jpg (157K)
IMG_0026.jpg (153K) IMG_0025.jpg (156K) IMG_0024.jpg (153K)
IMG_0023.jpg (156K) IMG_0022.jpg (108K) IMG_0021.jpg (158K)
IMG_0020.jpg (152K) IMG_0019.jpg (154K) IMG_0018.jpg (156K)
IMG_0017.jpg (158K) IMG_0016.jpg (152K) IMG_0015.jpg (156K)
IMG_0014.jpg (155K) IMG_0013.jpg (152K) IMG_0012.jpg (154K)
IMG_0011.jpg (152K) IMG_0010.jpg (155K) IMG_0009.jpg (152K)
IMG_0008.jpg (144K) IMG_0007.jpg (148K) IMG_0006.jpg (158K)
IMG_0001.jpg (155K) IMG_0002.jpg (152K) IMG_0003.jpg (150K)
IMG_0004.jpg (148K) IMG_0005.jpg (153K) IMG_0033.jpg (152K)
IMG_0034.jpg (152K) IMG_0035.jpg (153K) IMG_0036.jpg (156K)
IMG_0037.jpg (152K) IMG_0038.jpg (153K) IMG_0039.jpg (156K)
IMG_0040.jpg (152K) IMG_0041.jpg (153K) IMG_0043.jpg (156K)
IMG_0046.jpg (152K) IMG_0047.jpg (109K) IMG_0048.jpg (119K)